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The Be Bold Book

Feel like you’ll never find the right job?

Do you want more from your professional life, but feel overwhelmed by how to get there?

In order to get bold results, you need to take bold steps. I’ve got hundreds of successful clients to prove it. The same is true for you. Whether you’re entering the job market or changing careers, the action steps in Be Bold can work for you.

Be Bold is a daily action guide to keep you motivated and on track during your job search. Boost your confidence and align your job search strategies with your goals when you buy Be Bold today.

  • Get Daily Actions to Attract the Best Job Opportunities
  • Learn How to Remain Self-Confident During Your Job Search
  • Identify Your Ideal Employer or Client
  • Target the skills you need to develop for your next level job
  • And now, with your purchase of Be Bold, you’ll receive 30 Daily Affirmations, an audio download companion to Be Bold.

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Options 4 Success Career Exploration Course

Are you exhausted by the guesswork and uncertainty of the nonacademic job search?

Would you believe that you are a viable candidate for well paying jobs with the skills you already have?

This master class helps graduate students and PhDs explore careers in nonac industries. It helps you:

  • Identify your nonacademic career options
  • Inventory your transferable skills
  • Market yourself to prospective employers
  • Land a job you’ll love

The world of nonacademic careers can be daunting, especially when you’re used to the more structured path that most academics are trained for. Unlike the professoriate, nonacademic careers aren’t limited by a single career path, a single industry, set hiring cycles, or geography. It’s exactly the opposite.

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Job Search & Career Clarity Organizer

Are you exploring your nonacademic career options or actively searching for a nonacademic job?

This 50-page weekly organizer will help you organize all the moving parts of your job search and career exploration. Identify and track career paths you’ve considered, job ads of interest, companies, networking contacts, and applications submitted in one easy-to-reach place. The Career Clarity assessments guide you in narrowing down the broad range of jobs you could do, to the one or two that you will pursue. Perfect for graduate students, postdocs and faculty who are exploring or transitioning to nonacademic careers.

Use this tool to organize your work with a campus career counselor or to guide your solo job search. Bonus!! Weekly Job Search Affirmations keep you focused and motivated throughout your search.

CV Conversion Kit

Not sure how to represent your teaching and research in ways that are relevant to employers?

After cutting the obvious sections of your resume, wonder what comes next in creating a compelling resume? The CV Conversion Kit will guide you step-by-step in marketing your transferable skills  and relevant experiences so employers understand that you know how to do the job. The CV Conversion Kit includes an audio guide (25 minutes), a 17-page fill in the blank worksheet, a list of creative verbs, a transferable skills assessment, and resume template with samples from actual PhDs like you. Be ready for your next job with a Resume that converts leads into actual job offers.

The Academic Entrepreneur Course

You can leverage your skills and expertise to earn more money, have greater impact, and expand your influence.

You don’t have to leave the academy to try new things.

In this new course, I’ll teach you how to use your existing skills to expand your impact and to make additional income outside of your academic teaching and research. I’ll help you to see, to explore, and to take advantage of opportunities to earn additional income by leveraging your skills and creativity.

I’ve packed this course with everything you need to get started. I’m even providing pre-work to help you prepare for the course and worksheets and templates to help you implement what you’ll learn in the course.

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Active Job Seekers

How to Interview Like a Pro Course

Discover how to approach common and unexpected questions in a way that positions you as the ideal candidate for the position at hand.

The interview process is no longer something to be wary of!

This 60 minute video course has the tools and resources you need to apply for positions confidently, and manage the interview with professional ease. You’ll discover how to highlight your particular skills and understand the interview questions to allow you to tailor your answer to fit the organizational needs and goals.  Replace your fear with confidence, and ace the interview that you know you’re qualified for!

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CV to Resume Conversion

Need help putting your best foot forward?

Employers require resumes, not CVs, for application to nonacademic jobs. When your academic CV has hit its limits, it’s time for a resume that will position your experiences in a way that’s relevant to employers in your target field.

How it works in 4 simple steps:

  1. Remit payment.
  2. Check your email for our resume questionnaire and complete it.
  3. The BTTT Team creates your new resume and sends it you for review and edits. We hold a 15-minute session for review and clarification.
  4. The BTTT Team  finalizes the document for final approval.

What you get:

  • CV to resume conversion
  • 2 rounds of edits
  • 15-minute review session

CV to Resume Conversion & Cover Letter Package

Want the best of both worlds?

If you are in need of a well-crafted cover letter with your resume, then this bundle works for you. You can feel confident that your newly converted resume will shine with a letter that highlights what is important and helps you stand out with the right people.

How CV to Resume works in 4 simple steps:

  1. Remit payment.
  2. Check your email for our resume questionnaire and complete it.
  3. The BTTT Team creates your new resume and sends it you for review and edits. We hold a 15-minute session for review and clarification.
  4. The BTTT Team  finalizes the document for final approval.

How the Cover Letter process works in 3 steps:

  1. Client sends a description of the target position.
  2. BTTT Team creates a draft of your cover letter for client review.
  3. BTTT Team makes final edits and delivers final version of cover letter.

Mock Interview & Critique

Or maybe you just need a little practice?

Prepare to ace your upcoming interview. Clarify your career narrative. This service includes:

  • Tailored practice interview questions; Tips on how to answer difficult or “trick” questions; Strategies to describe your academic accomplishments in job-relevant examples.
  • Critique of mock interview
  • 1-hour session by phone or Skype

After you make your purchase you will receive an email with your confirmation and instructions for scheduling your session.

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