The Story Behind the Bio: My Journey Beyond the Tenure Track

People often ask me how I came to be an entrepreneur of professional development and a career coach for academics. Given that I have a PhD in Cultural Anthropology, I “should” be a professor or at least working in international development somewhere. Well, like any life/career story this one has some twists and turns, so sit tight and grab a cup of tea because this is the story behind the story. If you want the official (read: “professional”) bio, click here. The Nagging Question I had been on the academic job market for about two years when I began to question whether or not academia was for me. I really liked the people I met at the campus where I’d received a nationally awarded postdoc offer. The location was great – I have family that lives about an hour away—the location was conducive to writing, and the package I had been offered was complete [...]

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Tips for Seasonal Transitions

It's that time of year again where we transition from the lazy days of summer to the energy and work of the fall season. I don't know about you, but this transition brings excitement about how the last few months of the year will unfold for me.   What new opportunities, projects and collaborations will take flight? How will I manage the multiple goals I have set to accomplish over the next few months? As you settle into your flow/pace for the fall, I encourage you to take these three tips to keep your energy renewed and your focus steady: Be bold in your goal setting. While it's important to set manageable goals, I am also a firm believer in reaching for big, bold goals. You know the ones, those ideas that excite you and make you nervous all at the same time. Yours [...]

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What does it REALLY mean to Consult?

I frequently get asked what it actually takes to branch out and create your own consulting firm or coaching business. People want to know what it takes, what the action steps are, and then what it is like to be a consultant. You hear consulting - you think money. People think consulting is extremely lucrative.  And the truth is that it can be. In fact, one of my recent project's was for an organization that's valued at 5.5 billion dollars. No, that's not what the consultants got paid, but it does speak to the scope of the projects that are available to consultants. There are clients that are looking for exactly the type of experience, education, and skills that you can offer. And they're willing to pay for that experience. Consulting is a great opportunity for PhD and grad students. However, there are definitely considerations [...]

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Fired WITH Tenure?!

Yup, you heard that right. I recently read a report of the firing of several TENURED faculty members. There seems to be no breach of contract or conduct issues. These faculty who’d worked so hard for tenure and actually accomplished their dream of securing tenure were let go from their departments. You know I’m not into doom and gloom scenarios. I like to keep things upbeat and positive over here at Beyond the Tenure Track. But my concern is that, should you find yourself without the academic job you hoped for or between jobs, you have set the groundwork to access your options should you need them. What does setting the groundwork look like? It includes having colleagues and professional contacts beyond the academy, experience working on projects unrelated to your research, and experience getting paid for work delivered outside [...]

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